All our honey is raw, produced locally and additive free. We produce Fynbos, Citrus, Wild Flora and Bluegum honey. Our honey is only seasonally available.

We do not “bottle and distribute” as there are enough cans, bottles and tubs going around which can be filled with honey. We take recycling seriously.

Beekeeping equipment

We sell a range of beekeeping equipment for the hobbyist and the professional beekeeper. We can also help to source speciality equipment if needed.


Education is close to our heart. We believe educated people live better lives. Our focus is on training hobby and rural beekeepers.We run a BeeKeeping Course every three months. Please get in contact for the next course date. We would love to introduce you to the amazing world of bees.

We teach different school ages. Please get in contact if you want one of our beekeepers to come to your school.