about us

I have always had a keen interest in the environment. Bees, in particular, have always been close to my heart. I find them one of the most amazing creatures to grace our planet.

For years I was a couch beekeeper. I watched and read extensively about beekeeping. Whilst I had considered doing a hobbyist beekeeping course, I never got to do it as the busyness of life always got in the way.

Only when I exchanged the cold and wet shores of the United Kingdom for the beautiful all year summer of South Africa, did I get involved in real beekeeping.

I opened my first hive with much excitement and a measure of fear. Since that day, I have opened thousands of hives. Yet the wonder and awe have never gone away. Seeing the intricacy and the dynamics of a bee colony make me happy. Bees are wonderful insects.

The Urban Beekeeper was started in 2014. We run a couple of hundred beehives, all placed with care in beautiful unspoiled areas where the bees can forage for honey, pollen and water.

I enjoy speaking and teaching about bees. Every day, I learn more about bees. Some of the lessons, I have learned are:

Live life to the full

Dream big

Oh and also BE — E yourself.